The correct ratio for mixing the grain spawn bag with woodchips is 1 part spawn to 4 parts of wood by volume. Wood chips that are sold as bedding for example terrariums in garden centers and pet shops are very suitable . Also note to buy woodchips of deciduous trees. Take a pan of suitable size and place the wood chips in here. Add water so that the chips are immersed. Cook for 30 minutes , then shake off the water and allow the contents to cool to room temperature. Now mix the gecoloniseerde grain from the spawn bag with clean hands with the cooked woodchips. The mixture is now ready to make the mycelium bed.

When the spawn bag is purchased in late autumn or winter, it is possible to grow the woodchip-spawn mix temporarily indoors, for example in a plastic container, as long as the moisture content of the mix level (weight) is maintained but with enough air to allow breathing. If you initially start indoors in a plastic container make sure to use sawdust instead of wood chips !! Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with green mold infections.To grow these outdoor mushrooms, the mix eventually has to be “planted” outside. Find a place where there is few or no direct sunshine, eg under a tree or shrub. The soil should not be too compact or clay-like but somewhat permeable. There may not accumulate water during a heavy rain. Ideal spots are under a layer of moss or thin grass mat. The presence of other mushrooms is often a good indication of the suitability of the location . Dig a hole 4-6 inches deep and large enough to contain the mixture. Put the mixture into the hole and cover it with leaves/branches/moss/thin layer of earth/thin grass mat. Your mycelium bed is ready now ! Note that if you use earth to use only a thin layer, otherwise you bury the myceliumbed and it will not grow well. During warmer and dryer periods you can irrigate the bed with water, but just enough to keep the top layer wet . Growing grass/moss on the mycelium bed gives a good indication of the moisture in the mycelium bed and at the same time it gives the best possible protection against dehydration.

The mycelium of the fungus will now grow through the wood chips and well merge into its surroundings. If the place is well chosen, there will appear mushrooms in the autumn. If at the location itself is not present any wood material you will have to add new woodchip to the bed in the spring after the 2nd year of harvest to make sure that the mushrooms keep growing in the fall. This way the mycelium has enough time to grow and get ready for growing the mushrooms in the autumn. The mushrooms usually appear around October when the temperature is below 10 ° C and the weather is wet enough. Frost stops the growth, it can therefore be useful to cover the mushrooms with leaves to protect them against frost. The mushroom growth can continue after a period of frost until January/ February. The larger the ratio of spawn to wood chips the faster a healthy myceliumbed is established and the greater the chances for succes for the mushroom harvest in the fall ! If the spawn bag is not used immediately store it in the refrigerator around 7°C. The spawn bag can be stored in here for several weeks.