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Instructions Growkits

Note : These exotic species Magic mushrooms are a little more difficult/demanding/sensitive to cultivate than the Cubensis species. When used properly yield an average of 50 grams/ growkit. After arrival make the growkit as soon as possible or otherwise put in the refrigerator (not freezer !) and use it within 1 week.

Provide a clean workplace. Put one bag of vermiculite in the microwave tray, add 140 ml of water and put it in the microwave for 2.5 minutes (1350 watts). The other bag you keep in reserve for in case the first casing would dry out too quickly. Cut the myceliumbag open, put on the gloves and disinfect them and the inside of the grow tray with the alcowipe. Put the substrate in the grow tray, spread it evenly and press lightly. The substrate may break into pieces. When the vermiculite is cooled desinfect the spoon and stir the vermiculite one time with it and put the vermiculite on the substrate of the the grow kit and spread it evenly over the surface. This is the casing (cover) for the growkit. Place the grow kit in the growbag and close it with the paper clip. The air filter in the growbag ensures the right amount of fresh air. The growkit needs light but should never stand directly in the sun. The ideal temperature for the growkit is 22-26 C. Keep the growkit away from heat sources (stove/heater), they can cause excessive drying of the casing. When the casing dries too fast this will lead to a lower yield or worse that no mushrooms will grow at all. when set to the correct temperature all you need to do is the to pay attention on the casing. When it dries out prematurely, you can use the spare bag vermiculite to make a new casing to supplement or replace it. Depending on the specie of mushroom it takes between 1.5 and 4 weeks for the first mushrooms to appear. The best time to harvest them is just before the hat of the mushroom flattens. If you want to give your growkit some extra care take a look at the section ‘Products-Supplies’. The growbox can be used instead of the growbag, the thermometer and hygrometer to read the temperature and humidity in the growbox.
The ideal humidity for all growkits is 90 % RH . Success !!


1: Myceliumbag
2: vermiculite
3: microwave tray
4: grow tray
5: grow bag