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Gymnopilus dilepsis


€ 55,- per kweekset – 1L




Gymnopilus dilepsis, also known as the Magic Blue Gym is widely distributed and common in the Pacific Northwest.
It has a rusty orange spore print and a bitter taste and contains the hallucinogen psilocybin. It was given its
current name by mycologist Rolf Singer in 1951.

Habitat: Coniferous wood chips, stumps, logs and lignin rich humus – Climate: Temperate

Gymnopilus dilepsis grows gregariously to cespitosely on stumps, logs, and woodchip mulch/sawdust on hardwood and conifers. Gymnopilus dilepsis grows in spring, fall, and winter.

Begin met het kweken van Gymnopilus luteofolius met onze unieke groeikits. Kweek je eigen Gymnopilus luteofolius gemakkelijk zonder sporen. Paddo’s kweken zonder ingewikkeld steriel gedoe. Discrete verzending.