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Panaeolus subbalteatus sclerotia

 25,00 100,00

/ Blue pearls magic-truffles

This as an Unique product. These sclerotia / magic truffles are sold nowhere else.

This slerotia forming strain is a lucky shot from many attempts with MS inoculations with this species over a period of time. The strain itself saw its lifelight mid 2013.

UGS : N/A Catégorie :


The sclerotia have been tested for efficacy and their psychoactivity is confirmed. Only the ‘dose’ has to be determined yet. It is not imaginary that the sclerotia of this species have a different mix/ratio of psychoactive substances than the sclerotia of the Psilocybe species. As a result, they could be of added value for the more experienced psilocybe psychonauts who wish to try something new.

We haven’t found almost no information about these slerotia. Only a small piece of text in the book ‘Magic mushrooms around the world’ by Jochen Gartz. On page 69 state; « In 1935, H.J. Brodie reported permanent formations of bluish-green tissue while cultivating Panaeolus subbalteatus on malt agar. Initially, he believed that his nutrient substrates had been contaminated by molds, because Panaeolus subbalteatus is a species that almost never spontaneously turns bluish-green. » In fact this article gave us the inspiration to start experimenting with this species.

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